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About Us

The Palau Sports Fishing Association is a non-profit, membership based organization that was incorporated in 1991.

PSFA is the first sports fishing organization in Palau with the goal to carry out sports fishing competition among anglers every year and entertain sports fishing enthusiasts.

PSFA's mission is to promote sports fishing for the benefit of local fishermen, protect fisheries resources, and as another diversity of the tourism industry in the Republic of Palau.

PSFA is led and managed by seven Board Officers, including volunteers.

PSFA Board members and officers

The following individuals serve as Board members and officers for the PSFA:

- Shallum Etpison, President

- Regis Akitaya, Vice-President

- Yalap Yalap, Treasurer

- Jennifer Gibbons, Secretary

- Stomu Olebuu, Member

- Noriwo Ubedei, Member

- Ziegfried Nakamura, Member

Becoming a Member

Membership fees are $50 per person per year. Participants in the Annual Fishing Derby receive a one-year membership upon registration.

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